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Ubiquiti Wireless Systems

Sysco Security offer Wireless Access Points to upgrade the Wi-Fi signal in your home, business and commercial premises.  We can easily upgrade the Wi-Fi connectivity in your building with the use of Ubiquiti networks Wi-Fi Access Points. One of our highly trained network engineers will carry out a site survey to assess your requirements and map the exact location of each access point according to your building layout, so that every corner should be will have access to a high-speed wireless network signal. Contact Us now to arrange a free site survey!

Ubiquiti networks provides unified high-performance wireless network systems for indoor and outdoor use and come with advanced MIMO technology. All of access points mesh with each other and prove you with one SSID in all over your building meaning seamless 5G speed throughout and zero connection lost ratio. You and your visitors can then roam around your premises without getting disconnected from the network and can connect to the growing list of wireless technologies we are all integrating in to our lives! We are also happy to install other solutions as requested by our clients should the prefer a different solution.

The ever-growing demand for a reliable and fast Wi-Fi network has led to a huge demand for Ubiquiti and its competitor’s products from all business and organisations in all sectors including Libraries, Museum, Schools, Colleges and Universities, government buildings, homes, offices, retail shops, restaurants and more.

Sysco Security provide also offer upgrade, repair and maintenance of existing and new systems as we offer a comprehensive solution. Contact us Now to start the journey to better Wi-Fi!

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